The American Solidarity Party of Ohio Responds to the 2017 Charlottesville Attack

The American Solidarity Party of Ohio condemns in the strongest terms the violence—indeed what appears to be domestic terrorism—unleashed upon those who had gathered to counter-protest the so-called “Unite the Right” rally, as well as the racist and more specifically white nationalist underpinnings of that event. This deadly attack underscores the urgency of solidarity in our nation and in our daily lives, a concept espoused by the Christian Democratic values of the American Solidarity Party. Divisions and hatred bring nothing but pain. A special pain is felt in Ohio with the recognition that the principle suspect, the driver, is from our own state. Let us demonstrate in response that the hatred shown in this act of violence does not represent the people of Ohio. Let us move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and true racial solidarity.

Greggory Michael Joseph Gassman
Former Vice Chairman
American Solidarity Party of Ohio

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