Responding to the Egyptian Mosque Attack

Dear Fellow Members of the American Solidarity Party of Ohio:

Once again I am writing to you to inform you of another tragedy that has taken place in our world. This time, a terrorist attack occurred at an Egyptian mosque, where hundreds of people were gathered to pray and worship God. It saddens me to think that a terrorist could have the audacity to kill innocent people in a place of worship. The Secretary of the American Solidarity Party of Ohio, Mr. Michael Liccione, reported the following:

“On November 23, 2017, a mosque in Egypt’s northern Sinai region was brutally attacked, leaving over 300 dead and at least as many injured. That horrific act of terrorism was not directed against Western interests. The victims were mostly adherents of Sufi Islam—except for some of the relief workers, who were also attacked. That relatively peaceful and mystically oriented branch of Islam is despised as heresy by the Salafist militants who have plagued the Middle East, and indeed the world, for at least a generation. Islamic State has not formally claimed responsibility as we write, but the incident is typical of its modus operandi. Americans would do well to understand how this affects them.

Those of us who remember the terrorist campaigns unleashed by the American occupation of Iraq during the previous decade will not be surprised. IS’ predecessor in Iraq, led by the infamous Abu Musab al-Zarqawi before the US found and killed him in 2006, followed an express policy of inciting sectarian warfare among Muslims by attacking mostly Shi’ite sites, thus causing tens of thousands of civilian deaths. The original IS hoped to cause the collapse of Iraq’s predominately Shi’ite government in a civil war, so that, by winning such a war, Sunni militants could establish a religious dictatorship on their terms. Zarqawi’s form of Sunni irredentism, along with others, was largely defeated by a reorientation of American policy and tactics in Iraq in Iraq, before our withdrawal in 2011. After that, endemic government corruption and discrimination against Sunnis renewed resentments to the point where IS returned in a new incarnation to take over half the country. Incredibly, though, by virtue of even greater savagery than that shown by its predecessor, IS has made so many enemies that it is now on the verge of defeat in Iraq and Syria, thanks largely to Russian, American, and Iranian military help.

That religiously motivated violence in those countries has been strategically counterproductive for the militants does not appear to have deterred their cousins in the Sinai. These people see themselves as being on a Mission from God that overrides all other considerations. Such is the danger of sectarianism: It loses sight of the fact that all people have inherent dignity as children of God so that its behavior arouses almost as much hatred as it shows for all who do not agree with them. But the fact that violent sectarianism creates so many enemies—which the West learned centuries ago in its own wars of religion–is no reason to let it burn itself out. We must oppose it by whatever means is necessary to contain it. That’s what the West did about Communism during the Cold War. And while we cannot force Muslims to reject violent jihad in all cases, we can and should pray that the Muslim umma comes to the same realization that Europe eventually did. That way Muslims can live in relative peace with each other as well as with the rest of the world.”

– Mr. Michael Liccione, Secretary of the American Solidarity Party of Ohio (ASP-OH)

As Americans, we must stand in SOLIDARITY against these senseless acts of violence! In accordance with the cultural mandate, it is our DUTY to promote justice. Will you STAND IN SOLIDARITY with us to promote justice? If you would like to STAND IN SOLIDARITY with us, please consider donating $10, $20, $30, or $50 to the American Solidarity Party of Ohio.

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Thank you for your support! May God bless you!

Standing in Solidarity,

Brennan M. Baker, OSL
American Solidarity Party of Ohio

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