ASP-OH Ballot Access Petition

Good Evening Fellow Members of the American Solidarity Party of Ohio,

As you know, I recently sent out an email requesting help from our members to collect signatures for our ballot access petition. This is paramount to our party’s future growth because once we gain ballot access for our party, our party’s name will be on every ballot in the state of Ohio, which means more people will learn about us by visiting our website and will begin voting for the American Solidarity Party’s candidates.

Each and every one of you can be a part of this historical moment in our party’s history by joining a signature team, either as a leader or member, in your congressional district. Currently, we still need volunteers for both positions. As a Signature Team Leader, you would be responsible for assembling a team of people to collect signatures for our ballot access petition (or you can do this alone if you prefer). In addition, you would be responsible for collecting signatures within your congressional district which means that you may need to collect signatures within multiple counties. It is a requirement to have one petition for each county. So, you will need to print off a few petition forms, one for each county. As a Signature Team Member, you will be responsible for working under a Signature Team Leader by helping to collect signatures for our ballot access petition.

To begin the process, everyone, whether a leader or a member, will be required to read, sign & date, and mail back our “Ballot Access Petition Q & A“. This ensures us that everyone on the team has understood and accepted the responsibilities to which they have volunteered. Once everyone has mailed back the signed form, then the team can begin collecting signatures. All signed “Ballot Access Petition Q & A’s” can be mailed to:

American Solidarity Party of Ohio
Attn: Ballot Access Coordinator
P.O. Box 64
Tuscarawas, Ohio 44682-0064

If you have any further questions about either position, please do not hesitate to email me. I will be at the ASP-OH Annual Meeting on 13 October 2018 at 1:30 PM EDT at the Carlisle Inn of Walnut Creek, Ohio. If you’re planning to attend, I look forward to meeting each of you in person there. Thank you for your time!


Brennan M. Baker
American Solidarity Party of Ohio

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